Dr. Camilla Griggers

Dr. Camilla Griggers
Full-time Lecturer
Bell Tower - West Wing
(805) 437-8981
Email: camilla.griggers@csuci.edu

Dr. Camilla Griggers came to CSUCI from Pittsburgh where she taught at Carlow University and Carnegie Mellon University . She earned her doctorate in Post-structural Linguistics and Semiotics at the University of Florida . Her scholarly publications and educational videos address a wide variety of topics in interdisciplinary cultural studies and integrative approaches to language production and representation. She has produced a varied body of works in Women's Studies, LGBT Studies, Media Studies and Semiotics with an emphasis in Psycho-linguistics. She has a secondary interest in Psycho-physical Education, and is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Therapeutic Massage and the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® Training Program in Bodymind Therapy, and has a private practice in Santa Monica . She is writing a book entitled The Evolution of Education, which includes interviews with internationally known mindbody educators on how education can evolve if it fully embraces the new mindbody paradigm. Her previous book is entitled Becoming-Woman, and selected films include Alienations of the Mother Tongue, The Micropolitics of Biopsychiatry, and Memories of a Forgotten War. She is a recipient of the Women in Film Foundation Independent Vision Award and numerous media arts grants, reflecting her interest in writing in the age of visual media.

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