The CI English Program fosters reflective interpretation, creativity, analysis, and effective expression. Our students investigate a wide range of literatures, explore multicultural and international perspectives, write creatively and critically, and work with local communities in service learning courses. The English Program engages a variety of other disciplines, including history, education, the sciences, and the arts, making it one of CI’s most vibrantly interdisciplinary programs. Our major and general education curricula prepare graduates for further study or professional paths and ready them to take their places as informed local and world citizens.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the time they graduate from the program, English majors will be able to:

Express original and creative ideas in writing and speech;
Practice effective editing, including appropriate use of English grammar and usage conventions;
Analyze a diversity of texts, ideas, and problems from multiple perspectives (multicultural, interdisciplinary, international, experiential, theoretical and/or educational);
Find, evaluate, and synthesize scholarship, research, and information from a variety of sources and disciplines;
Articulate an accurate perception of their performance in the program.

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