The B.A. in English prepares students for graduate programs in English, secondary education, creative writing, linguistics, journalism, and international relations, among others. English majors, trained in critical thinking, interpretive reading, and effective writing also do well on the LSAT exams for law schools. The major is excellent preparation for a variety of creative professions such as publishing and marketing (traditional and web-based); advertising and copyediting; public relations; education (in schools and for agencies and other organizations); corporate communications and blogging; policy analysis; journalism and freelance writing; social media management; proposal and grant writing; non-profit management; teaching English overseas; paralegal careers; technical writing; web content curating; and other careers requiring strong communication skills, research abilities, the ability to see things from multiple perspectives, and a well-rounded education.



Internships can help English majors understand how their academic work prepares them for various careers. An internship can provide a chance to explore a potential career while gaining practical knowledge, experience, and skills. To find an internship, you can consult the listings at Career Development Services or you can find one on your own that must then be approved and formalized through the English Program Chair and Career Development Services.


 Career Development Services

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