English Portfolio

During your senior year in the English Program, you will take ENGL 499, Capstone. It's a special course in which you develop your own scholarly project with the support of your instructor and your peers. You can take Capstone either semester of senior year.

To get the permission code for the course, you need to submit a portfolio. 

Putting your portfolio together allows you to showcase your best work and reflect on the growth you've made as an English major. Also, you help us evaluate the English program, by helping us see the work that students produce in our classes. 

Students submit to a module in the English Canvas community.

Due Dates:

  • April 1 if you plan to enroll in Capstone in the fall, or
  • November 1 if you plan to enroll in Capstone in the spring.

For more information,  contact the English Program Chair or the instructor listed under ENGL 499 in the upcoming schedule of classes.

To submit your electronic portfolio, please join the English Canvas Community, look for the module called Capstone and English Portfolio, and follow the English Portfolio directions.

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