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The questions below are not used for Capstone evaluation; however, we do require each student to complete a cover sheet for each paper in the portfolio. This information is used a) to review specific areas that may be emphasized in your Capstone project, and b) for program assessment.

Please check one of the following that best fits what you are doing in this paper:

_____ 1. Critical interpretation and analysis of original texts (written, visual, and/or electronic).

_____ 2. Effective use of current scholarship (literary analysis, linguistics studies, applied research, theoretical approaches, etc.)

_____ 3. An exploration of how disciplines relate/can relate

Please answer questions 4 and 5 briefly on the space below the question.

4. What text(s), if any, did you analyze?


5. What perspective did you take in this paper? (for example, multicultural, interdisciplinary, international, experiential, theoretical and/or educational)


If you would like to give us some context for this paper or more information about how it addresses the item(s) above, please use the space below to explain: