The First Year Composition program at CSU Channel Islands helps students fulfill their general education requirement for English Writing (A-2). The program also offers courses that students can take to fulfill the G.E. requirement for Oral Communication (A-1) and Critical Thinking (A-3).

At many California State University campuses, the English Placement Test (EPT) is used to determine which first year writing course a student will take. Here at CI, the composition faculty believes that a student can make a much more well-informed placement decision than any test. We call our program “Directed Self Placement” because, with a little direction from our program, students place themselves in composition.

We also offer no remedial classes in first year composition, which means that students always receive college credit for successful completion of our courses. Incoming students have the option of selecting our full year Stretch Composition Sequence (ENGL 102 – ENGL 103) or our accelerated one semester course (ENGL 105). We also have options for students who have AP or IB credit but would like to continue to develop their writing.

Both current and prospective student are encouraged to visit the page below, which provides important information on our placement process and course offerings.

First Year Composition at CI: the Choice is Yours!